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My Georgia Addiction Counselor Certification Course offers 180-hours, the necessary education requirements to apply for getting certified as an Addiction Counselor through either Georgia Addiction Counselors Association or the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia. These two certification boards are highly committed to certify qualified addiction professionals.
One of the required steps to being certified is to complete the proper amount of basic substance abuse education. This training program provides the coursework to qualify you for your basic education requirement. Courses are provided in a professional environment that embraces all students� learning styles in order to maximize individual learning needs. Each course curriculum utilizes a combination of lecture, group work, videos, hands-on learning activities as well as open class discussion. See attached course schedule.
Your desire to improve your skill to best serve those suffering from addictions is recognized and greatly appreciated. We know you will appreciate the professional quality of this training program and have fun when you join us in this outstanding training series.
This training series is geared for those who intend to get certified or are applying to get certified as an Addiction Counselor.  2015 CAC Course schedule and registration updated 040115.pdf



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