Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling Certification Requirements

for Georgia Residents

The Georgia Addiction Counselors Association and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia establishes the addiction counseling certification requirements for those within the state. The requirements will vary based on the level of addiction certification you want to go for. The certification starts with the Counselor In Training Endorsement. It proceeds up from there, where you move from one certification level to the next. The requirements include classes, clinical supervision, work experience and finally an examination. There is a big need across the United States for such counselors.

To fulfill the requirements, you need to complete courses. The courses are going to be driven by accredited classes from the GACA, ADACB-Ga, and NAADAC. The great thing about the courses is that you can complete them online, through independent study, or in a classroom study. There are a variety of choices, but when you complete them you can begin to fulfill the addiction counseling certification requirements one at a time.

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