School of Addiction Counseling Studies


The School of Addiction Counseling offers two ways to get your certification:

Virtual Classroom and

Online School of Addiction Studies (on demand courses)


The Georgia Addiction Counselor Certification Preparation Course offers the necessary education requirements to apply for getting certified as an Addiction Counselor.














Courses are approved for online, in classroom, or a combination of both to obtain your addiction counselor credential.


All courses are approved by

Georgia Addiction Counselors Association,

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia and

NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals.


These certification boards are highly committed to certify qualified addiction professionals. 
One of the required steps to being certified is to complete the proper amount of basic substance abuse education.

This course of study qualifies you for your basic substance abuse education requirement.


Courses are provided in a professional environment that embraces all students  learning styles in order to maximize individual learning needs.


Each course curriculum utilizes a combination of

lecture, group work, videos, hands-on learning activities and open class discussion.
I honor and greatly appreciate your desire to improve your skill to

best serve those suffering from addictions.


I know you will appreciate the professional quality of this training program and

have fun when you join us in this outstanding training series.
This training series is for those who intend to get certified or

are applying for re-certification as an Addiction Counselor.




Virtual Classroon and

On-demand Independent Study Courses

Choose this option if you are a learner getting started,

Are on a month-by-month budget

and like the interaction of in-classroom with other students, combined with independent study.

Purchase one course or a Two course package per Month

All Independent Study - course materials, homework, assignments, discussions.

Choose this option for a Introductory Package of 6 Courses.

Completion of these 6 courses gives you all the

Minimum required courses for

the GACA CAC I or II or the ADACB-Ga CADC I or II.

There will be more to do and we will set up your Counselor Certification Plan.

Choose this option if you  are looking for the 3 required courses

for the GACA Certified Counselor-in-Training Credential.



If you are ready to start your Career as an Addiction Counselor

you may ask . . . .


Where is My First Place to Start?

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You have 3 Options

InClassroom     Independent Study

GACA Counselor in Training

and Yes, you can take InClassroom and Independent Study at the same time

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