Alcohol Abuse Treatment

How to Become an Addiction Counselor for Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Have you ever wondered how you can give back to the community? You hear about addiction to the news almost daily. It is a massive problem all across the United States and the addiction stems from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and more. Just how should someone go through alcohol abuse treatment, though? What are the paths they should take?


Alcohol abuse treatment needs to come from a certified addiction professional. While a group of friends may think they know how to assist someone in need, someone suffering from alcohol addiction, they may not. With our School of Addiction Counseling, you can get a Certified Addiction Counselor (GACA) or Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADACB-Ga). It is important to understand how addiction works, how you can treat it, and what to look for to help each person. Addiction is tricky, but it can be beaten.

Make your passion your profession with the right knowledge and certification.

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