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​Dr. Sherman has been a CARF Behavioral Health Program Surveyor since 1999.
  • Drug Counseling

National accreditation demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement.

Preparation for national accreditation involves detailed planning and careful preparation. 


CARF consultation services include:

  • Comprehensive accreditation review and technical assistance for CARF for new and existing CARF accredited agencies

  • Readiness consultation and technical assistance for local (Georgia) regulatory standards for behavioral health programs

  • Contract monitoring and technical assistance

  • Policy and procedures development and review

  • Program documentation review and advisement

  • Administration documentation review and advisement


Accreditation Readiness

For those agencies seeking initial accreditation, planning is the key. Our consultants are familiar with the state-of-the-art expectations surrounding CARF accreditation standards. We offer accreditation preparation services, on-site visits, and documentation and policy review to prepare you for your initial CARF survey.

Currently Accredited Programs

Organizations that are currently accredited for three years and approaching renewal will benefit from consultation. We will familiarize the key informants with the newest standards, and changes that have occurred since the previous survey. A survey preparation will ensure your agency is positioned for a successful next survey and continuous accreditation.

In the early stages of accreditation, some organizations are awarded a one-year outcome. Those currently accredited for one year demonstrate a commitment to standards and conformance, but need some improvements. We will assist the organization with resolving any cited recommendations, interpreting policies, and implementing new or updated standards.

On-Site Preparation

In many cases, mock surveys and on-site review and technical assistance is the most efficient way to prepare for any survey. This allows the consultants to deliver a survey in a way similar to the actual process, assisting the organization the obtain the best outcome and familiarization of the accreditation survey process. 

Mock surveys are indicated for agencies 

  • upon initial application for accreditation

  • when adding a new program under a currently accredited organization

  • for organizations that have received a one-year accreditation, and preparing for their re-survey visit.


Choosing a CARF Consultant

Here are some suggestions to review when you consider hiring a CARF consultant. Ask for verification, information, or references to help you satisfy the following questions:

  • How long has the CARF consultant been a surveyor?

  • Is the CARF consultant a current surveyor?

  • Is the CARF consultant a surveyor in your Core Program Areas?

  • What executive level / program level experience does the CARF consultant possess?

  • How does the CARF consultant demonstrate knowledge of and experience with the CARF process?

  • What skills, knowledge or ability does the CARF Consultant to enable them to resolve conflict, enhance brainstorming and creativity in an efficient manner?

  • On first impression, is the CARF consultant someone you can interact with in a pleasurable business manner?

  • How accessible to you is the CARF consultant?

  • What deliverables will you obtain for your financial investment? (Ask for a proposal of deliverables and a timeline. Fees can either be provided by an hourly estimate or project estimate.) 


These are just some of the items to consider when considering a consultant to assist your organization in preparing for CARF.

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