Clinical Supervision

Upcoming Group Supervision

Every Saturday, 10am - 12pm

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Our commitment is

  • to mentor you through this segment of your professional development,

  • to help you achieve your highest potential as an addiction professional, and

  • to help you position yourself to make more money. 


Clinical supervision is directed supervision in the practice area of alcohol/drug counseling,

with the intent of providing information to develop knowledge and improve skill of the supervisee.



  • INDIVIDUAL Supervision. The beauty of Individual Supervision is the private opportunity for you to reflect on and challenge your own addiction counseling skills and practice in a safe and confidential environment. Supervisees also receive feedback on skills and ethical practices. Scheduled by appointment only.


  • GROUP Supervision. Group supervision offers you a cost effective opportunity coupled with a sense of similarity among your peers in the same situation. Attendance is a minimum of 3 supervisees. Group supervision offers many benefits, including maximize time, cost effective, diverse learning opportunities, peer validation, and supported professional growth. 


  • Meet (minimum) monthly for Individual sessions and/or

  • Meet (minimum) monthly for Group sessions.

  • Use the practice domains of addiction counseling as foundation to improve skill.

  • Review your Supervision Contract and Professional Disclosure forms.

  • Develop your Individual Supervision Development Plan.

  • Position yourself to make more money.



Group Supervision - Single Session

  • Saturday, 10am - 12pm

  • 2-hour group session (Zoom), $25.00

Group Supervision - Package- save 20%

  • Saturday, 10am - 12pm

  • EIGHT 2-hour group sessions (Zoom), $170

  • 6 month expiration

Individual 1:1 Supervision

  • Schedule by appointment

  • 1 hour session, $65.00



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