Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

How to Administer a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

There is a big role that a certified treatment provider plays when talking about a drug and alcohol evaluation. There could be a variety of reasons as to why someone needs a full drug and alcohol evaluation. The evaluation could be an order from a court or a state as a result of a DUI or DWI charge, or it could be due to another reason. The process for the evaluation, though, is going to start with a detailed interview.


Within the interview, a certified treatment provider is going to talk about the individuals past, about their substance abuse and criminal history, driving record, and more. The certified provider is going to review everything, inclusive of the interview as well, before making a recommendation on what the appropriate and specific treatment program should be for the individual. No two folks are alike when it comes to alcohol addiction so the interview process gets a clearer answer on the right path forward.