Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

Drug and Alcohol Evaluations and Their Role in a DUI

Driving Under the Influence or DUI laws will vary from one state to the next. If you get a DUI in Marietta, GA and one in Boston, MA the requirements will differ in terms of what you need to do, the process you must go through. For the vast majority of states, though, there will be a drug and alcohol evaluation process which needs execution.

The idea of the drug and alcohol evaluation process in a DUI case is going to entail figuring out the root of the addiction problems and then recommend the best treatment path forward. What is it that is causing the individual to drive under the influence? Are there other factors at play? How bad is the current addiction? All of this will be taken into account during the interview or evaluation by a certified provider, with a full recommendation to a court as to the next best path forward.