Drug Counseling

The Basics of my School of Addiction Counseling Studies

When you want to give back to, to try to help those in need suffering from addiction, there is no better way to do it than to become certified for drug counseling. There are a variety of drug counseling tracks you can take, courses you can sign up for all across Marietta, GA. Once you do sign up, you will be getting the necessary education requirements to apply as a Certified Addiction Counselor.


The process to find the courses are quite easy, as long as you have the right track to take. You can usually get the courses online, take them in a classroom setting, or both. Once you obtain your counselor credential, you are ready to go. It is a big deal to take a drug counseling course as it will put you on the track to helping those in need. It starts with basic substance abuse education and then hones in areas where you may have more interest, such as drug and alcohol counseling.

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