Experiential Credentialing

The Concept of Experiential Training as it Relates

to Addiction Counseling

You need work experience, but can't get work experience if you do not have some type of credentials.


There are many requirements that an addiction counselor in training has to meet before you can get certified. Some of these requirements are going to have a focus in the application of knowledge to practice in alcohol / drug counseling. There will be a lot of focus as well, though, on experiential credentialing. The concept here is that you will be learning on the job, as you go.

We offer two additional counselor endorsements:

  • Experiential Resolution Blueprint Specialist

  • Anger Resolution Blueprint Specialist


We also support students with obtaining a counselor in training credential

An additional credential is Certified Counselor in Training (CCIT) or Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Training (CADC-T). The supervision requirement is completed with a Certified Clinical Supervisor. The supervision is one requirement, and helps you understand your identify as an addiction professional. The time spent with the supervisor allows you to learn on the job, as you are going, and help you apply what you learn in class to your new job.

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