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         Experiential Activities Specialist

        Enhance your Career with

      Experiential Facilitation Tools in your

         Group Counseling Toolbox 

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What? I can do addiction counseling and have fun?
Join us and see the difference experiential activities can make.
This is a SKILL BUILDING intensive workshop.
I am committed to you strengthening your SKILL in offering Experiential Activities. 
If you can say something you can show something!
Experiential Activities reveal powerful results. 
Experiential intervention is a powerful way of introducing skills, rehearsing skills, and uncovering powerful insights that are otherwise unexplored. In this way our clients will learn and experience their wellness and recovery in a more meaningful way.
The brain learns through various approaches such listening, reading and writing
By using Experiential Exercises, we are DOING.
"​What I Hear, I Forget. What I See, I Remember. What I Do, I Understand."   
Our intention is when our clients SEE and DO, we help to increase the
quality and outcome of their wellness and recovery.
You will observe and facilitate experiential exercises, discuss and practice sequencing, and gain additional tools that can change the way you and your clients interact with counseling, and help improve their understanding,  wellness and recovery.
What you will learn:
  • The importance of sequencing and timing
  • Facilitator Skills 
  • Icebreaker and Check-in exercises
  • Connection Exercises
  • Group Cohesion Exercises
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