Frequently Asked Questions - CAC_CADC School

Where do I start first?

The best place to start is  CAC Classes.

You can find our schedule and register for any classes immediately - no pre- requisite requirements needed.

Once you start you classes you can also start with your supervision. 

You can also schedule a FREE addiction counselor planning meeting  with me.

Just go to the Chat box below and Click on Schedule Now.

It will take you to my planner.

What are the basic requirements to get certified?

The THREE requirements include

substance abuse education, clinical supervision and work experience.  

Please review specifics with each state certifying board/association:   

Georgia Addiction Counselors Association  or

Alcohol and Drug Certification Board of Georgia.


Where are the CAC classes located?

Courses are offered with part in-person (zoom classroom) and

part completed in my Online School.


How much do the classes cost?

1 – day: $75.00.

2-days: Discounted to $125.00 (Save 20%)

(Classes must be taken over 1 weekend only, on two consecutive date, for example Friday and Saturday. Classes cannot be split up over different dates like Friday or Saturday one month and Friday or Saturday the next month).

3 months: Discounted to $310.00 (Best package, Save 40%)




What if I want to pay for the full course?

Paying every 3 months is preferred.

Why - because I don't want to over charge you if you have college credit.


What if more than one person from my agency attends? Is there a group rate?

Yes – if three or more persons attend the same course the same date(s).

Let's get approval from the agency first.

Does payment for my classes expire?

Yes, you have 6 months to take your classes from your date of payment.


What happens if my classes are getting ready to expire? Is there a refund?

No. However, extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by ACTS Consulting.



Is the payment for my classes transferable?

Yes - you can have someone else attend in your place. Your class payment will still expire in 6 months unless approval is given by ACTS Consulting prior to expiration date.


What do I need to do to get certified?

Start with attending classes, then make an Addiction Counselor Planning session with me

Can I take online classes (independent study?

Yes. Visit my Online School of Addiction Studies.


What about college classes. Can those count?

Yes, you can receive up to 90 hours of credit for college hours, as long as the course content is related to the social services area. So you will still need to attend 90 hours of class content with ACTS Consulting for it to count toward your initial CAC certification application.


How will I know if my college classes will count?

We will review the application requirement and process with you. 


Where can I find a Certified Clinical Supervisor?

Diane Sherman is an approved Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Supervision with me will count toward your initial application for

the GACA or ADACB-Ga certification.

AND Supervision with me will count for the

GACA CAC-I and the ADACB-Ga CADC-I recertification.

What 's Next?

Take a Free Course: How to Become a Certified Addiction Counselor

You can also Schedule your FREE  

Addiction Counselor Planning Session with me

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