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Frequently Asked Questions

My plate is Full

I am no longer taking on new students to help with getting certified


Where do I start first?

Most students state with addiction counseling classes.

Check with the

Alcohol and Drug Certification Board of Georgia

for information on classes and certification requirements

What  do I need to do to get certified?

The THREE requirements include

substance abuse education, clinical supervision and work experience.  

Please review specifics for your state certifying board:  

Alcohol and Drug Certification Board of Georgia.


Can Independent Study course count for my education?

Yes, the board will accept continuing education in the form of

college courses, education with an approved provider.

Click here for a list of Independent Study Courses.


Does payment for my classes expire?

Yes, you have 6 months to take your classes from your date of payment.

What happens if my classes are getting ready to expire? Is there a refund?

No. However, extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by ACTS Consulting.

You can transfer your fee to another person.


Is the payment for my classes transferable?

Yes - you can have someone else attend in your place.

Your class payment will still expire in 6 months unless approval is given by ACTS Consulting

prior to expiration date.

Can I take online classes (independent study)?

Yes. Click here for my Online School of Addiction Studies.

Independent studies may be acceptable for your education.

This requirements is specific to the certification board.

What about college classes. Can those count?

Yes, you can receive credit for college hours, as long as the course content is related to the social services area. You may still need courses required by the board content for your initial certification application. This requirements is specific to the certification board.

How will I know if my college classes will count?

This requirements is specific to the certification board.


It is each student's responsibility to know the requirements of

the board you will gain your credential.

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