Organization Consulting. Team Building.

TEAMWORK. A collaborative effort for the team to reach the intended outcome or goal.


There are several aspects to teamwork – the strength of each individual, and the synergy of the entire team working together. Our goal is to enhance team strength without diminishing the strength of any one individual.


We do this through

  • Experiential Activities

  • Leader Development

  • Team Building Seminars

  • Organizational Consultation


We achieve this through action based interactive and experiential activities.


'To facilitate means to make an action or process easier. Thus, Facilitated Growth helps the process of change become slightly easier. In the definition, to make an action or process easier, we find embedded the way we approach facilitation and interaction with one another. We believe and have found that if you as a helping professional are bored, guess who else is bored? Your participants! Your customers! However, if you are excited, energized, and inspired then your participants and customers will be as well.

                                                                                                                                    From my book, Facilitated Growth (2017)

Poker Face
Gutter Ball
Group Guidelines
  • Drug Counseling