Facilitated Growth. Sequencing Activities

On October 6, 2017, Marc and I presented activities at the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 2017 Behavioral Health Symposium at Legacy Lodge, Lake Lanier Resorts from our new book: FACILITATED GROWTH: Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness. Our intention was to demonstrate sequencing – our hope was to “create curiosity and change.” Here is an excerpt from our book:

Sequencing your activities is a very important piece of Experiential Education. If you introduce activities that are above the functioning capability of your participants, it can cause more damage than good. In order to create effective reflection, it is important to start with introductory level activities and proceed to more difficult challenges. Groups need to share simple experiences together before introducing them to activities that have a higher emotional risk to them. As facilitators, it is important to start with activates that are important for the needs of the group, background or stage in group development.

Sequencing of activities starts with assessing client readiness for each activity. It ends with activities being placed in an order that makes sense to participants. You would not want to start with a “Trust” activities and then move to a “get to Know You” activity. The natural order of this would not make sense to the participant if you ask them to trust other participants before they even know their names. “ (page 14).

Read more – you can purchase our book at this link: Facilitated Growth: Experiential Activities for Recovery and Wellness

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