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A Guide to Knowing When You Need Drug Counseling

Drugs have a way of taking control of one’s life. They lie to you. They say that you that you're having fun. They tell you that you don't have a problem. They make you think that you're funny, popular, and that you are totally in control. You may believe these lies but still have the occasional doubt. If you are wondering whether or not you need drug counseling, the chances are you do. Drug and alcohol evaluations can help determine whether you need help or not, but the only one who can make the final determination is you. The following information is designed to help you.

Excuses and lies

  • Do you find yourself telling your boss that you are sick, or that your child is sick when it's not true?

  • Are you telling your spouse that you had an unexpected bill to pay when he or she asks where the money went?

  • Maybe you tell the kids that you're working late so you won't have to go to a school function, and instead of working late you spend that time doing drugs or drinking.


  • Letting people down in order to serve your addiction is another sign

  • Minimizing how much you use to others

  • Indulging to solve your problems or forget something are signs of a problem

  • Putting your addiction before those you love

  • Progressing to harder drugs

  • Feeling like you are no longer using in a recreational way

  • Feeling like you need the drug even though you may not want it.

  • Using drugs or alcohol to manage stress and anxiety

The above are just a few of the many signs that things are getting out of control. There are many more. Anytime that you turn to a substance to help your mood, make you feel more like yourself, or to get through the day, it's a problem.


External forces such as genetics could be a way to predict a predisposition to addiction. If you have close family members who have addiction issues, you are more likely to become addicted yourself. A new set of friends who also indulge in drugs or alcohol are also a sign that you are heading down a dangerous path.

If you suspect that you have a problem, reach out for help. Don't let drugs and alcohol take over your life. You can take back the control that they have over you. The secret is, you have to want it. No one can want it for you, no one can nag you into sobriety, and no one can love you into it. You have to admit to having a problem and you have to want the help. You can stop; there is help.

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