Make your Passion  Your Profession


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I an SO excited you are here!

So you want to be an Addiction Counselor?

You want to give back?

You're excited to start your Addiction Counselor process -

but maybe don't know where to start?

You have landed in the right place,

with the right person.

I empower recovery minded individuals fulfill your dream to become a certified addiction professional by offering education, supervision  and mentoring for the addiction counselor certification.


time to stop talking and
                    START LEARNING.


Since 2008, I have partnered with hundreds of students to launch into

the Certified Addiction Counselor process


"It is so confusing? Where do I start?"


HONESTLY -  I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be.

I had to walk through that application and testing phase alone.

When I started I did not have this kind of resource

So I made a commitment that I would help my students the best way I could.




I've had my School of Addiction Counseling since 2008.

I offer two of the three requirements to get certified in Georgia:

Substance Abuse Education and Clinical Supervision.

I have the passion, drive and personal connection to help you get

your addiction counselor credential too.

I’ve had students say :

“Thanks Dr. D. You are the only person I’ve spoken with who helps me

make sense of this process.”

So whether you
- have no clue where to start
- need help figuring out where to start, or
- just need a good push to kickstart your dream

…… then you are in the right place!


to get Certified in the State of Georgia:

Substance Abuse Education, Clinical Supervision

and Work Experience in Substance Abuse Treatment




  • Mentoring to help you choose the right certification plan and package for you,     and to navigate the application process.



To celebrate with former students who

turned their passion into their profession.

To hear from former students how

the life of their client is changing.

To hear from supervises how the supervision process has helped them experience 

a greater connection with their own growth.

My greatest satisfaction is when I get to call

former students Certified Addiction Counselor.


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