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This book is for anyone who works with people in the process of recovery and wellness - coaches, peer supports specialists, counselors, facilitators, team  building. It is filled with useful tools and experiential activities that are sure to liven up your programs. 


The experiential approach in Facilitated Growth is sure to bring a new energy and excitement into your recovery and wellness work.


Experiential activities provide an opportunity to intentionally surface behaviors or scenarios that happen in the real world in a more controlled environment. Walking participants through the process of what happened, why it is important, and how it impacts the future is an important part of the recovery process. We invite you to explore the intentional use of experiential activities in your recovery and wellness practice. 


                                                  Want an Experiential Activities training?

Contact me to set up an experiential training that will show you and your colleagues how to utilize the activities in this book! Set aside a day to come and play with us! 

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