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Things I Can Change

Updated: Jun 23

There are things I can change in my life; things I cannot.

First we need God – or some connection with a spiritual being.

It is my higher power that helps Grant me Serenity. A gift.

Next we need Serenity – in peace we will find our options.

Gather in Acceptance – the ability to accept what I don’t have control over, and to accept self as the best version of my authentic self as I am right here and right now.

And a big dose of Courage – to embark on the change process.

Finally, a higher vision of Wisdom – to help me with the insight needed so I can continue on my path, not struggling with the people, places or situations I cannot change.

We can only change what is in our hula-hoop, not what is outside of it.

And the further we get from our center, away from our locus of control, the more I am trying to control, and the less control I have.

Through the process of receiving, acceptance, courage, and wisdom, I walk closer to my truth, my highest self, my authentic self. And that is all I have to do one day at a time.

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