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October celebrate Emotional Wellness

Updated: Jun 23

October focuses on Emotional Wellness Month. What do you do to maintain your emotional wellness? Exercise? Meditation? A particular routine? Self care is critical for the journey of recovery and wellness. Most of the time I hear students say they struggle with self-care. Why is that? Is it not knowing how? Well when we are off track in our emotional balance, we can simply notice it, take it is as new information, and choose an action step to get back on track.

Simple - right? Well . . . . . maybe, maybe not. We all know what to do. Why not just do it? We must be willing to make a commitment to oneself. We must be willing to experience a little discomfort to move in the direction we want. If not, then we can choose to look inward and discover what is holding us back.

How can I help you with your Emotional Wellness? Lets find time to chat and get a plan in place for you!

Visit my website. Join me on Facebook. I look forward to supporting you in your journey toward improved emotional wellness.

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